Jun 2, 2012


freshman...novice...amateur...new kid on the block...possibly a fish outta water (???), not really sure what to call myself. Any who here's a blog about...well, i guess, me and my life and the things I like and possibly the things I do not like. These "things" I speak of are typically related to fashion, style, nostalgia, women, feminism, music, teen angst-y thingy-stuff (blahhh), photography, breast knitting, collectible back scratchers, and beer bottle organs ( just kidding about the last three, although they do seem quiet entertaining!) 
-I'm pretty new to this whole shin-dig so lets just take it one potato chip at a time!

me being all photographer-y and artsy at the art museum. 

kick ass picture i took while blindfolded and riding a unicycle...kinda 

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