Jul 19, 2012

i can't move the mountains for you.

Last night I caught a glimpse of  a really stellar documentary called "This Way of Life." The film pretty much depicts the lives of Peter Karena,a horse whisper/hunter, his wife Colleen, their six children, and their struggle to maintain a simple and natural lifestyle in the Rauhine Ranges of New Zealand. Left profitless after their fifty horses are stolen, and homeless when a supposed "enemy" ( I uses this term lightly) sets their home on fire, the family must adapted to a new, more modern, "capitalist" way of life.

The film focuses a lot on the idea of family and relationships between people, nature, and animals. I became enchanted by the Karena children and this unbelievable intimacy they had with the wild. Completely unafraid the children race their massive stallions on a near by beach. They spend their days helping their father and mother clean, hunt, prepare food, and care of the horses and other animals. 

And while I was only able to catch the last forty minutes of the film, I can not wait till it airs again! It is really refreshing to see that somewhere tucked behind all the city dirt and factory smoke, there is still a glimpse of organic life. REAL TALK
So for all of you who have not watched "This Way of Life," make sure to check the Documentary Channel for the latest showings...or just buy it on DVD! I am sure you will LOVE it...and if you don't YOU ARE A LOSER AND PROBABLY DO NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU SMELL...what am I saying....there is no if!

Jul 12, 2012


Yes. Yes, it is that time of year, again. The time your heart skips a beat when you hear the ice cream truck coming down the street. The time every magazine by the checkout line seems to be titled " Get Your BEST Beach Bod in 2 Weeks." The time when you see seven Nair commercials a day, each scrutinizing your pale skin and unshaven legs!
Yup, that time has finally come and if you are like me you are not exactly excited about showing everyone your new neon cheetah print string bikini! Do not get me wrong! As a self proclaimed feminist I am all for women embracing their bodies and feeling beautiful and comfortable in their own flesh, but let us be honest here. During  "Bikini Season," as it has been labeled, even the most confident, proud, and strongest girls/women seem to rip their bodies to shreds and stress over their looks. And by first hand experience, I know that even a "Dayyum gurl! You look'n Hella Good" from Ryan Gosling would not make me feel any more secure!
However, I am also a strong believer in modern medicine and for that reason i have the perfect remedy to cure you (and myself) of the Beach Bod Blues! No...it's not a spoon full of sugar. Rather, a beautiful swimsuit and summer dress!Preferably one from the ultra-cool brand Geronimo!

Geronimo was created by Jenny Geronimo Reyes, a Los Angeles based designer who traveled and styled musicians like Jenny Lewis and the Whispertown 2000. Her 2012 swimsuit collection is undeniably dreamy, mysterious, and hip. I don't know about you but every time I look at these photographs i just want to run through a field of daisies...in the desert...with bunnies! 

Reyes's 2012 collection is as cool if not cooler ( FREEZING) than her past swimwear collections which had a very retro-1960s vibe. This collection, however, was reportedly inspired by the desert and the Dust Bowl Dance.

P.S- I had trouble accessing the Geronimo website and was not able to get the photos i wanted for the post! However, these Polariod shots are just as dreamy and magnificent!

All photographs were taken from the Geronimo website and google.com.

Jul 10, 2012

Be my little baby

My obsession with Sofia Coppola has gone on for many years. At times it has got very serious and...very dangerous. However, after a needed intervention and some time in the loony bin, I have managed to appreciate Mrs. Coppola and her films at a Fan Girl level.
My obsession started many years ago when i saw The Virgin Suicides!
If you have not seen/read/ heard about The Virgin Suicides yet ( yes you should feel very guilty about this) it is a stellar novel by Jeffery Eugenides published in the early 90s! The novel takes place in 1970s Michigan and revolves around the Lisbon family and their five daughters: 13-year-old Cecilia, 14-year-old Lux, 15-year-old Bonnie, 16-year-old Mary, and 17-year-old Therese. The story is told as a flashback from the point of view of one the neighborhood boys obsessed with the mystique of the Lisbon sisters. And as the title suggests, the novel revolves around the sisters' suicides and several other things that i will not mention because you are not worthy enough I do not want to spoil it for you! 

However, in 1999 Sofia Coppola adapted the novel into a film featuring Kirsten Dunst, Kathleen Turner, and many many more lovely actors and actresses ( DANNY FREAK'N DEVITO)! The film is exceptional and for me, and hopefully for many other individuals, The Virgin Suicides has become a classic movie/book that I seem to read/watch any time I feel like shit...or really when school starts!  

All images from google.com