Jul 10, 2012

Be my little baby

My obsession with Sofia Coppola has gone on for many years. At times it has got very serious and...very dangerous. However, after a needed intervention and some time in the loony bin, I have managed to appreciate Mrs. Coppola and her films at a Fan Girl level.
My obsession started many years ago when i saw The Virgin Suicides!
If you have not seen/read/ heard about The Virgin Suicides yet ( yes you should feel very guilty about this) it is a stellar novel by Jeffery Eugenides published in the early 90s! The novel takes place in 1970s Michigan and revolves around the Lisbon family and their five daughters: 13-year-old Cecilia, 14-year-old Lux, 15-year-old Bonnie, 16-year-old Mary, and 17-year-old Therese. The story is told as a flashback from the point of view of one the neighborhood boys obsessed with the mystique of the Lisbon sisters. And as the title suggests, the novel revolves around the sisters' suicides and several other things that i will not mention because you are not worthy enough I do not want to spoil it for you! 

However, in 1999 Sofia Coppola adapted the novel into a film featuring Kirsten Dunst, Kathleen Turner, and many many more lovely actors and actresses ( DANNY FREAK'N DEVITO)! The film is exceptional and for me, and hopefully for many other individuals, The Virgin Suicides has become a classic movie/book that I seem to read/watch any time I feel like shit...or really when school starts!  

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