Jun 11, 2012

Alec Eiffel is in my head. He won't leave, but i kinda don't want him to.

FACT: on this day, June 8, James Madison introduces twelve amendments to the United States Constitution. Aren't you happy the other two did not pass? 

Anyway, this article has nothing to do with James Madison which is kinda disappointing because I think he was a pretty interesting fella...or am I confusing him with John Jay...
But enough about dead old presidents and Federalists. Lets talk about clothes. Moreover, lets talk about clothes from the 90s. 
Ya see, I do this weird thing where the type of clothing i prefer to wear changes with the seasons. Its not really something I have ever thought about or ever even realized until a couple of months ago when someone told me I looked like a 1950's housewife ( thanks?). With these unconscious changes of style ( or really preference of clothing) I indulge myself in the movies, music, books, and ideas of that particular era. Typically during the winter I surrender to 1960s bell bottoms, transparent blouses, boots, and of course velvet everything and anything. Then comes spring where I indulge in beehives, cat-eyes, long skirts, and collars from the 1950s and 1960; its the 1920s-40s during the fall and right now, for summer, its the 90s.
And I guess you could say these changes are good since I spend a lot of time learning about whatever I feel like. It really opens all closed doors. 

However, I could not help myself today. So here you go my darlings. Here are some truly amazing photos of...I guess you could can it inspiration! From one of the most kick ass singers/girls/bands I have ever laid my eyes on  (Courtney Love!!!) to some of the coolest and most interesting sweet and sassy girls ( Winona Ryder) I cant get enough of them! And its not just the clothes...its the attitude. The I-don't-give-two-saltines-if-you-like-me-or-not type swag. The Ill-wear-what-I-wan't-and-say-what-i-want-when-i-want-to swag. Yep, these WOMEN (and men) got SWAGGER!  

Hole-One of the best bands..like ever. (google images)

Winona Ryder (google images)
Reality Bites (google images)
Pixies (google images)
Kim Deal (FACT: we share a b-day! (6/10))

google images

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