Jun 7, 2012

Is it true? please, please do tell me! girl, sit yo ass down!

CAUTION: the material you are about to read contains a large amount of pointless smiley faces and over-the-top excitement! 

Hewow fellow readers ( hi! is anyone there?). I must say that today is a magnificent day to be alive! Why? Well, i am not really sure. I am just very excited for this weekend! :) Why? Well...since your asking. Its my birthday! No..its not what you think. I am not one of those people who absolutely loves birthdays because they get a bunch of presents ( although it is a perk) or because it was the day they we born..yada yada. :) Or if you go to my school, because your birthday is the only day you can find the decency or need to wear something other than ripped pajamas and sandals with socks (don't ask).To be completely and totally honest, i hate birthdays. Its the one day out of the entire year that I feel like I am actually dying instead of living (huh?) :)
Anyway. :) The reason i am excited for my birthday is because I am taking a trip to Chicago! Yep. I'm schlepping my ass all the way to the windy city! :) And I guess the most exciting part about the trip is that I will be traveling via train! I have never been on a train but i think you could say i have some experience with the Ol' iron horse! I live right next to a railway so I have a bit of an idea of what a train looks, feels, smells,sounds, and tastes like!
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I will be sure to inform your more about the trip and the train ride there! I am hopping to receive a new camera Saturday so I'll be posting some fabulous pictures, too! 

P.S.-The camera i was using for my pictures has broken ( i.e why I am getting a new one) so here are some pictures I took a while ago! 

P.S.S - First time exploring in Chicago! Any good ideas of where and what I should see/visit? Museums? Parks? Shopping? What are the best restaurants? have any suggestions...leave a comment below!

Top: Forever21 
Pant: thrift shop
Shoes: gift from friend
Glasses: thrift shop
Key Pin: Antique Shop
Plaid Pin: Came with a shirt
Cameo Pin: unknown 
Pearl Ring: JcPenny 
Heart Ring: Kids Jewelry Set 
Lipstick: Loreal Paris-Bold Bordeaux 741

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