Jun 3, 2012

one cat just leads to another...


derp.So far today has been one of those lousy,lifeless,i-wanna-hid-in-an-underground-cave- and-listen-to-die-hard-metal-i-hate-the-world-type-music kinda day here in good ole Mu-zer-ah. I have to admit the weather ( *weatherman voice* a high of 86 F. (lie) and partly cloudy) along with the fact that its Sunday, and that half of the human population has gone A WALL on me has me feelin' quiet misanthropic...or shall i say even more misanthropic.
So here we are. So here I am. And here's a post of things I dream of wearing, preferably on warm and sunny mornings while strolling down a lovely flea market. 
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