Jun 4, 2012

have the silence broken by a whispered wind

I have always had this peculiar love for all things "old." Old cars, old clothes, old pictures, old jewelry, old music..old people. This love started back when i was in the womb...well not exactly. As a child, and a refugee (a story i shall entertain you with later), my home away from home was an old thrift store up the street from my house. My parents, speaking only little English, worked crappy ass minimum wage jobs so we weren't exactly "LIVEN' DU LIFEEE." Owing to the fact that we could not buy a car and the fact that my parents didn't exactly know how to drive, we were confined to the stores and markets close to our home. 
And so this is how my love for old things started.  
Along with my mother, aunt and cousin, I would visit the thrift store every Friday afternoon, searching through piles of used clothing and toys. I remember seeing all the antique jewelry and figurines, along with handmade bowls and cups from the 70s and 60s. My cousin and I would wonder throughout the store, hiding under rows of 50s pleated skirts and 80's parachute pants, and quickly running towards our mothers when the manager, (in)directly speaking to us, warned all parents to "please keep your children next to you at ALL TIMES." 
-Unlike the most of my childhood interests, the love i have for old things and thrift stores will never fade away.

Dress: thrift store 
Shoes: gift 
purse: unknown 

reference to the whole "never fade away " thing
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